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Auditory Accessibility: Captions and Audio Descriptions

Multimedia content such as videos and audio are prevalent. This adds some challenges for certain groups of users, particularly those who are hard of hearing or visually impaired.

Accessible Navigation

Keyboard navigation is key to allow all users navigating your page.

Inclusive Design: Color Contrast on Your Website

Design plays an important role in usability and accessibility.

Mastering ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications)

The search for a more inclusive web has driven the development of many tools and practices. Among these, ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) has emerged as a key player in making the web more accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities. In this post, we’ll delve into the world of ARIA and discuss how you can use it to enhance web accessibility.

Semantic HTML Tags for Web Accessibility

Navigating the digital world should be a right, not a privilege. This premise underpins the concept of web accessibility. An inclusive web should be a place where everyone, regardless of their abilities, can access, interact, and contribute to all the content online. To that end, using semantic HTML is crucial in making a website accessible to all.

Web Accessibility, a short introduction

The web enables us to disseminate knowledge across borders, making no distinction based on location, wealth, religion, or skin color. It serves as an equalizer, or at least, it should.

Concurrent Scripts

Some time ago I shared a set of useful Control Operators to use in the terminal and NPM scripts. This time I’ll show you a better solution for concurrent scripts.

Angular - Core and Shared Modules

This is a basic and useful pattern you should follow in every Angular application.

Active routerLinkActive with multiple routes

The routerLinkActive directive lets you add a class to an element when the current location matches a routerLink destination.

Control Operators

I want to share with you a couple of operators I find really useful when creating npm scripts.